(By Vern Crawford, July 2015)

Plumes and foams of montane greenery

Spray upward from these undulating soil-seas

And bursting through both sea and spray

The humps of broad-backed granitic whales,

Dappled over with crusty lichens and crystal barnacles:

Great granitic whales rolling up from hidden depths.

(The first part of this Blogpost is rather heavy stuff.  Skip to the end of this post, if you prefer something lighter.)

When I look at life from a detached or elevated Standpoint–which is what philosophers do, after all–I can divide (analyze) the totality of my experience (aka Tef) into a seemingly unlimited number of humongous dyads.  Thus, I can find in Tef a host of Major Dyads (or dualisms, binaries, pairs, couplets–call them what you will).  For example, there is the Outer Experience/Inner Experience Dyad; the Self/Not-self Dyad; the Earth/Sky Dyad; the Past/Future Dyad; the Harmony/Disharmony Dyad; the Material/Spiritual Dyad; and so on, and on.  Each Major Dyad splits Tef, or a vast region of Tef, into two, contrasting members.  Many of these Major Dyads partly overlap with each other.

In today’s Blogpost I want to aim the spotlight upon the Orthoreality/Metareality Dyad (O/M Dyad).  Using this dyad, I find that the totality of my experience (aka Tef) has the following descriptors.

Orthoreality: more intense, more vivid; nonrepresentational (nonsymbolic); authentic; Actual; Original; Given; Sensible; firsthand; the Outer, plus some Inner; roughly coincident with the Sensation Sector and its Material World, which is to say, coincident with “This World”; Herenow.

Metareality: less intense, paler; representational (symbolic); faux; Inactual; Additional; Mental; secondhand; entirely Inner; roughly coincident with the Intuition Sector and its Story World, and with the Intellection Sector and its Idea World, and with the Archives of Memory, which is to say, coincident with the “Other Worlds”; Therethen.


Orthoreality: all Outer, Sensible percepts, such as light, sound, touch, smell; Outer material things, such as ice and stones, water, air, human flesh; Inner Body experiences such as a full stomach, fear of injury, hallucinations, and pure, nonrepresentational fantasies.

Metareality: Inner, Mental percepts, such as my thoughts and realistic daydreams, my symbols and names for things; empathized other souls; inferred other Bodies and things; reconstructions (the Past); predictions (the Future).

Roughly, then, Orthoreality is my Body and my emotions, whereas Metareality is my thoughts and visualizations.  But when I cease being the philosopher and go ahead and live my life, I find that my Orthoreality and my Metareality are intertwined, even merged, making reality into an alloy.  And I also discover that I often treat my Metareality as being as real as (or even more real than) my Orthoreality.  For instance, your Inner life may become for me as real as my own (orthoreal) Body, even though my experience of your Inner life is solely metareal for me.  This is a shocking realization!  Perhaps some people never achieve this realization:  They have never heard of the O/M Dyad.  Nevertheless, I recognize that we all must believe–we must believe–in the Inner life of others, for doing so is necessary if we want a strong sense of community.  And we do want, and need, community.  Thus, we live a perceptual “lie”, often giving to Metareality the status of Orthoreality, simply because we are social creatures.

Don’t fault yourself for living this perceptual “lie”.  I certainly don’t.  Just be prepared to see through it for what it is–when you need to.


Okay, enough heavy stuff!  I am feeling Glad today for my breaths of fresh Winter air; feeling Grateful to my loving, caring wife; feeling Good Will toward environmentalists (unsung heroes!) around the world; feeling like doing some Good Works, that Harmony may prevail, as in writing this Blog.  Despite much Disharmony in the world, I still hold that we–every one of us–heeds the Vector of Value, prefers Harmony, seeks the Good.  It’s just that my own heeding and preferring and seeking may sometimes harm myself, or you, or the world.  Thus, I need to learn how to be a Tefist who actually increases the H/D Ratio.  This learning, I have found, is lifelong and not always easy.

May Harmony prevail:  Love Thy Tef!

Tefistry.com offers you a map of reality, as well as wisdom for living a more harmonious life.  I call my map Tef Theory, and I call this wisdom Tefistry.  Tefistry.com also offers you a selection of my poems, photographs, and other creations.

I hope you don’t actually need any of the above–if you already have an effective map of reality, and you already live a very harmonious life!  But if you choose to use what you find here, I will be pleased.  And if you care to share comments, questions, or suggestions–especially those aimed at making Tef Theory and Tefistry even better and more useful–please contact me.  (See the Contact page.)

This is the very first Blog post of tefistry.com!  It coincides with the sixtieth anniversary of my Awakening, when, at age 13 in early January, 1958, my heart and mind began to blossom and to engage the world.  (In retrospect, my Awakening was probably in part the bursting flames of adolescent hormones!)  I feel that one of life’s prime duties, at any age, is to keep faith with what has gone before.  So maybe my adolescent Awakening was in part a way of keeping faith with my concluding childhood, and now this new website is a way of keeping faith with my Awakening and with decades of adulthood.

I hope you find my ideas and creations helpful.  As I have written in Tefist Wisdom (see the Tefistry page), we need to “strengthen courage and encourage strength”.  I hope Tefistry.com can do that for you.

May Harmony prevail: Love Thy Tef!

Poem Written in November, 2013
By Vern Crawford

Thick green moss, plush and soft,
Drapes down and over the Gas Line Boulders:
Mossy coats, surprising here in Southern Oregon–
Not a mossy land, not a rainy land.

The Gas Line Boulders loom large, some small,
Each composed of coarse volcanic tuff, Miocene:
Crudely split and tilted slabs, or solid monoliths,
Mossy hulks trailing out as two vague rows, hidden by the woods.

I park my car. I walk up along the Gas Line hill,
Then amble out among gold and russet autumn oaks–
A thousand boles of pewter bark–and lonely pines and firs.
I pause to greet the Gas Line Boulders. I press upon their mossy coats.

Boulders’ presence. Boulders’ bulk. Boulders’ firmness. Boulders’ roughness.
Semi-sunken into earth, some stand tall, some lie prone,
Some are congregated, some remain aloof, alone,
All of them muttering complaints about my intrusion.

And I, catching intimations of Old World megaliths,
Wander among these Stony People, this lurking lithic tribe
Secluded here by oak woods and lonely pines and firs.
I trespass their place of power, their precinct of autumn awe.

But I do not stay. The boulders would not have me, anyway,
Preoccupied as they are with gathering autumn leaves, russet, gold,
With storing up the sallow solar fire, with tucking close their mossy coats.
I leave. And they turn back to being the best boulders they know how to be.

(Pacific Crest Trail at Mt. Ashland, Oregon, July 2017)

Sun glint
Piercing fir boughs
And warming ferny fronds

Then whiffs of coyote mint
Ah…and bird songs!

Busy flies buzz
Dry twigs snap
Overhead lichened bark

I’m calmer now because
I’m just sitting here…till dark?

(Pacific Crest Trail at Mt. Ashland, Oregon, July 2017)

Tiny green leaves
Big green leaves

Woody green stems
Soft green stems

Sunny green breeze
Cool green breeze

Summer’s green glances
Sink us ever deeper
Into montane trances