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The Zone of Unknowing

(By Vern Crawford, June 2014)   Where, exactly, does the Inner tip over To the Outer and become that place? Where do the Other Worlds in me Meet and merge with This World? How, exactly, do our Actions arise From our Passive Perceptions? Is any one place truly continuous With the next-by place or space? […]

At Hobart Bluff in Late Summer

(Poem by Vern Crawford, written in September 2013)   We hiked up near the top of the world, Isaac and I. Botanized along the dusty way– Green leaves and dry bark and sun-fried flowers. We climbed up Hobart’s stony slopes And relaxed on ledgy rocks up near the sky. He’s somewhat younger than I, I […]

Realities and the Ant

Poem by Vern Crawford, written in Summer, 2015   Only one reality is.  It is “mine”. It is part Inactual, part Actual. The Inactual part includes you. (Not your body, Silly!  I mean your Mental Realm: Your Heart and Mind, as these are known to me). . . –I had wanted to write something Profound […]

Blog #2: Orthoreality and Metareality

(The first part of this Blogpost is rather heavy stuff.  Skip to the end of this post, if you prefer something lighter.) When I look at life from a detached or elevated Standpoint–which is what philosophers do, after all–I can divide (analyze) the totality of my experience (aka Tef) into a seemingly unlimited number of […]

Blog #1: Welcome to Tefistry.com!

Tefistry.com offers you a map of reality, as well as wisdom for living a more harmonious life.  I call my map Tef Theory, and I call this wisdom Tefistry.  Tefistry.com also offers you a selection of my poems, photographs, and other creations. I hope you don’t actually need any of the above–if you already have […]

At the Gas Line Boulders, in Autumn

Poem Written in November, 2013 By Vern Crawford Thick green moss, plush and soft, Drapes down and over the Gas Line Boulders: Mossy coats, surprising here in Southern Oregon– Not a mossy land, not a rainy land. The Gas Line Boulders loom large, some small, Each composed of coarse volcanic tuff, Miocene: Crudely split and […]

Sitting Here

(Pacific Crest Trail at Mt. Ashland, Oregon, July 2017) Sun glint Piercing fir boughs And warming ferny fronds Then whiffs of coyote mint Ah…and bird songs! Busy flies buzz Dry twigs snap Overhead lichened bark I’m calmer now because I’m just sitting here…till dark?

Green Glances

(Pacific Crest Trail at Mt. Ashland, Oregon, July 2017) Tiny green leaves Big green leaves Woody green stems Soft green stems Sunny green breeze Cool green breeze Summer’s green glances Sink us ever deeper Into montane trances