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Blog #14–“Rings” Layered Upon The Circle

Blog #14—“Rings” Layered Upon The Circle In Blog #13, I offered guidelines for how to set up and use a Ceremonial Circle, from a Tefist perspective.  I also named a number of “rings”, each bearing four or eight themes (aka Correspondences, or “Cors”), rings that can be imaginatively layered upon the Ceremonial Circle.  These rings—each […]


Blog #13–On Ceremonial Circles

Blog #13—On Ceremonial Circles Here’s the scoop on Tefist Ceremonial Circles, as I understand them and use them.  Ritual Circles are common among human cultures, so my use of them in Tefistry is not novel.  Over the last 30 years, I have designed and used Circles that have borrowed liberally from the Circle traditions and […]


Fifty-two Little Essays, Tefist has been added to the Tefistry page!  Try them out.  As always, the foundation is Tef Theory.  You could read one a week–a stimulus to thought and feeling–and start over again next year!

Blog #7: Crossroads Creed and an Equinox Joke

“I come ever to the crossroads of my life. I am ever choosing and ever being chosen. This is my journey: engaged and affirmed. This is my life: mysterious, exhilarating, taxing, joyous….” Try saying or thinking this Tefist statement about life.  Does it truly reflect your own life?  If not, choose some different adjectives, ones […]