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Fifty-two Little Essays, Tefist has been added to the Tefistry page!  Try them out.  As always, the foundation is Tef Theory.  You could read one a week–a stimulus to thought and feeling–and start over again next year!

Blog #7: Crossroads Creed and an Equinox Joke

“I come ever to the crossroads of my life. I am ever choosing and ever being chosen. This is my journey: engaged and affirmed. This is my life: mysterious, exhilarating, taxing, joyous….” Try saying or thinking this Tefist statement about life.  Does it truly reflect your own life?  If not, choose some different adjectives, ones […]


(By Vern Crawford, November, 2013.) Memories are rather like the things they never were. People, places, colors, scents–all were similar to our memories. For an instant or a day these memories persist, Even offering recollections of distant decades past. But what is it that preserves our memories, saves them at all? Though they are never […]


(By Vern Crawford, October, 2013, edited March, 2018.) This silky milkweed fluff, With a tiny puff of air, Becomes a weightless drifter: It softly lofts above my hand. Heeding Autumn’s cooler nights and frost, We plush ourselves in fleece, Our arms and backs and bellies Softer now to tender, touchy fingers. Quilted bathroom tissues (The […]