About the Author, Vern Crawford

Like everyone, I was born into Nature and Culture in a specific place and time. Fortunately, I was helped by my family and other good people to grow and learn and engage the world. But it became clear to me at an early age that, despite good intentions, we humans are quite confused and quite misguided. Our lives do not come with an adequate Instruction Booklet! Nowhere in the world’s religions and philosophies could I find a full and honest and effective guide to life. Moreover, the people on my planet always seemed engaged in war or in some other mindless mistakes. “Surely we can do better than this!” I protested. So I have spent more than six decades trying to sketch out a “map of reality” to assist me—and you—in living life.

Now, in Early Old Age, I can offer a partial map and an incomplete Instruction Booklet. This website is a way of sharing these insights. Am I a perfect exemplar of Tefistry and Tef Theory? Of course not! But I keep trying, and maybe someday Tef Theory and Tefistry will become parts of a complete Instruction Booklet for Living!

For the curious, here are some descriptors of me:

  • American
  • Oregonian
  • Seventy-something years old
  • Male
  • Married
  • A parent
  • Much-educated (though perhaps not well-educated)
  • A retired nature writer and teacher
  • Emotionally and physically sensitive
  • Alert to contradictions, half-truths, inconsistencies, paradoxes, and lies
  • Celebrator of Harmony (things like love, peace, beauty, wholeness, joy, serenity)