(By Vern Crawford, September, 2013)


This callosal contest
Of strength and skill
(Or maybe simply single-mindedness)
Appears, from a higher perch, to be a tug-of-war.

The Left Team pulls against the Right
(Or is it the New against the Old?),
A Nerdy Team connected by a fibrous cord
To the other bunch, a Rowdy Team.

Back and forth the contestants go,
One side’s heels digging into turf,
The other’s voices bellowing need or greed,
Yet neither one willing to concede.

Oh, I know, sometimes they do time-out:
One team may get distracted–
Lusting after cheerleaders–
While the other strategizes heedless in a huddle.

Even though they claim to be separate teams,
Left and Right, New or Old,
Both sides do appear–from a higher perch–
As home teams of just this one Arena.