Twenty-two Blessings

(by Vern Crawford, November, 2013)


May the stars inspire you.
May the moon thrill you.
May your legs beg to go.
May your arms long for work.
May your eyes find loveliness in common things.
May your home place be comely.
May the sea and surf impress you.
May birdsong lift your heart.
May bright blossoms cheer and delight you.
May scent of lavender, mint, and rose surround you.
May the soft fog envelope you.
May warm rains refresh and cleanse you.
May sudden thunder awe you.
May the laughter of children lift you.
May the green forest comfort and console you.
May good friends enrich your days.
May you gain insight and clarity.
May you find meaning and duty.
May you forgive all grievances.
May you give and receive affection.
May you respect animals.
May these and many other blessings nourish your life.