The Zone of Unknowing

(By Vern Crawford, June 2014)


Where, exactly, does the Inner tip over
To the Outer and become that place?

Where do the Other Worlds in me
Meet and merge with This World?

How, exactly, do our Actions arise
From our Passive Perceptions?

Is any one place truly continuous
With the next-by place or space?

How, exactly, goes the flow, This into That?
What lies obscured within that linking zone of ambiguity?

Yes, what lies obscured there:  A blank and unknown bridge?
A blindspot, simply?  Or a true and empty gap?

Does it matter that I might learn these things?
Would I love you more, or less, if I knew?

Were ever I to learn the where and how of this,
Would I seek to become lord of the world?

Or am I simply a wondering, curious person,
One whose Intellection yearns to learn?