At Hobart Bluff in Late Summer

(Poem by Vern Crawford, written in September 2013)


We hiked up near the top of the world,
Isaac and I.
Botanized along the dusty way–
Green leaves and dry bark and sun-fried flowers.
We climbed up Hobart’s stony slopes
And relaxed on ledgy rocks up near the sky.

He’s somewhat younger than I, I am rather older,
Isaac and I.
We were full of questions, seeking understanding:
What’s this?  Why is that?  I rather do feel…
We hiked up Hobart’s stony trail
To share the views and the views we share.

He’ll outlive me, perhaps already has,
Isaac and I.
But through him I will linger extra seasons
For I shared a bit of my knowledge and osmosized a bit of calm,
Up there, near the sky, on Hobart Bluff.
And isn’t that what life is for: botany, sky, and care?