Blog #1: Welcome to! offers you a map of reality, as well as wisdom for living a more harmonious life.  I call my map Tef Theory, and I call this wisdom Tefistry. also offers you a selection of my poems, photographs, and other creations.

I hope you don’t actually need any of the above–if you already have an effective map of reality, and you already live a very harmonious life!  But if you choose to use what you find here, I will be pleased.  And if you care to share comments, questions, or suggestions–especially those aimed at making Tef Theory and Tefistry even better and more useful–please contact me.  (See the Contact page.)

This is the very first Blog post of!  It coincides with the sixtieth anniversary of my Awakening, when, at age 13 in early January, 1958, my heart and mind began to blossom and to engage the world.  (In retrospect, my Awakening was probably in part the bursting flames of adolescent hormones!)  I feel that one of life’s prime duties, at any age, is to keep faith with what has gone before.  So maybe my adolescent Awakening was in part a way of keeping faith with my concluding childhood, and now this new website is a way of keeping faith with my Awakening and with decades of adulthood.

I hope you find my ideas and creations helpful.  As I have written in Tefist Wisdom (see the Tefistry page), we need to “strengthen courage and encourage strength”.  I hope can do that for you.

May Harmony prevail: Love Thy Tef!